Why it’s worth exploring Tenerife in a campervan and the benefits of a camping vacation in Tenerife.Tenerife is known by many as the “Island for retired people” or all-inclusive package holiday destination. But far from it! The island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean has so much more to offer and it is worth spending at least a week on the sunny island to get to know the diversity of nature, the culture and the typical Canarian food.

Why the best way to explore Tenerife in a campervan vacation, we would like to show you in these 7 reasons:

  1. Variety in a small area: Tenerife is almost as big as Saarland in Germany with its 2,034 km², but it has an incredible amount to offer in a very small area. You can discover numerous beaches, the highest mountain in Spain (the Teide), fascinatingly beautiful mountain landscapes like the Anaga and Teno mountains, the million year old laurel forest, small villages and beautiful cities like La Laguna or La Orotava. To get the most out of your time on the largest and most diverse island of the Canary Islands, you should discover Tenerife by campervan. Every day you decide where to go and where to wake up. Even though the island seems to be small, there is no other way you will see as much of the island as by camper.
  2. A climate for every taste: lying on the beach in the morning and hiking through the snow in the afternoon high up at over 2,000 meters in winter: Tenerife never ceases to surprise with its extremely diverse climates. If you don’t like it so warm, you can explore the green north. If you love the sun, the south of the island is perfect for you.
  3. Numerous outdoor sports opportunities: Did you know that Tenerife is a top climbing destination? Or that Tenerife has many surf spots for beginners to advanced surfers, perfect kitesurfing conditions and the waters of the Atlantic Ocean are so clear that you can discover a colorful underwater world while snorkeling or swapping? Tenerife is a paradise for active vacationers and outdoor sports fans. With the van you are completely independent, you can sleep directly at the climbing or surfing spot or explore the different hiking areas.
  4. Camping all year round: No matter what time of year you want to spend your vacations in Tenerife with a camper; it is always the perfect time to travel. Thanks to the average 23 degrees, you can camp all year round without any problems. The island of eternal spring spoils you with daily sunshine and pleasant climate. Even in the hot summer months from July to September the thermometer hardly rises above 30 degrees. That’s why many Spanish people come to the island to escape the heat on the mainland and enjoy the pleasant temperatures.
  5. Close to nature and 100% slow down: When you vacation in a campervan, you get closer to nature than in any other way. You can take in the beauty of Tenerife up close and unfiltered. Seeing the sunrise right by the sea is the perfect start into the day. Campervan vacations invite you to take it down a notch and make yourself comfortable in the most beautiful corners. A vacation could hardly be more relaxing!
  6. Unlimited freedom that doesn’t even cost much: Vacationing in a campervan is much cheaper than conventional vacations. You save on the hotel and rental car and you can cook for yourself instead of going to restaurants every day. In the campervan you have a fully equipped kitchen and a gas stove. Our tip: You can buy fresh, local and cheap fruits and vegetables at the farmers markets. A homemade meal with local ingredients out in nature tastes the very best!
  7. Safe travel: Tenerife is very safe and you don’t have to worry about staying in a camper. We have had years of positive experience camping in Tenerife. As everywhere, take valuables with you and always lock the campervan. But basically Tenerife is at least as safe as Germany, England or the Spanish mainland. Traveling is also easy, because Tenerife belongs to Spain and has the Euro.

Do you feel like your very own campervan adventure on Tenerife? Then rent one of our campers and start your adventure!