We are very sure that you want to be an explorer in Tenerife and not just a tourist. To really get to know the island when renting a campervan you should keep in mind a few easy to follow tips. Let’s list them!

First, the Golden Rule: Respect the Nature

Tenerife is a small island in the middle of the atlantic. In the past Tenerife was known for the mass tourism but the island has so much more to offer! Incredible landscapes, hikes, water sports, climbing areas, cuisine and culture.

Traveling in a campervan will drive you all around the island so you can really explore Tenerife. It is very important to be careful with the very fragile nature of the island, we want to give you some tips:

  • Do not drive on dust roads or unpaved roads. Driving on dust roads affects the very fragile nature of Tenerife. It’s only fine to drive on these roads when entering a unpaved parking. Take care also when parking, don’t park close to dunes, plants or out of parking areas.
  • Do not camp in national parks or special nature reserves. Tenerife is really amazing everywhere so you don’t need that to fully enjoy.
  • When hiking do not go off track and always follow the signalized paths. Many plants and animals are in danger and this is a very basic but at he same time important rule to protect them.
  • Do not feed wildlife or domestic animals. If you find an abandoned cat or dog you can call 112 and they will take care of it.
  • Separate your trash and never throw anything, not even an apple peal.
  • Be conscious with your surrounding and when you think something will affect nature just don’t do it.

Respect the other campers

When staying in a place, do not be annoying to other campers, keep a bit of distance, be clean and if you don’t know something just ask the other campers, they can maybe help you. In general Canarian people like to help visitors and give the best tips, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Driving is part of the amazing time in Tenerife. Impressive landscapes and roads are waiting for you to go slow and enjoy the views. By driving slow and relaxed you will be able to enjoy the drive and you will also help to decrease you foot print and save money during your trip.

Visit the the real Tenerife

Tenerife is full for great places to explore out of the touristic areas. Little towns, farmers markets and local family restaurants so called guachinches will give you a real experience are there for you to enjoy. Going to these local spots you will also help the small business economy and and the food they cook will blow your mind. They usually have great wine and cheese.