Tenerife is a paradise for campers: In the morning you can wake up on the beach, at noon you can stroll through the deep green Anaga mountains and in the evening you can gaze at the stars on the mountains. Tenerife’s diversity of nature is unique and with a campervan vacation you get especially close to it. In order to protect nature as campers, we want to give you some tips.

In Tenerife there are hardly any limits to what you can experience with a campervan. On the smallest area the island is incredibly multifaceted in terms of landscapes and climate. Tenerife is known for its microclimate. In the green north it can rain cats and dogs and in the south you have pure summer weather and the beaches are filled with sun seekers. For every mood you will find your spot on the island. Particularly impressive are the bizarre volcanic landscapes such as the Malpais de Güimuar, the deep green Lorber forests in the Anaga mountains, the lunar landscape of the Teide national park, the rugged cliffs in the Teno mountains and the many different beaches in the south of the island.

To keep nature so wonderful, it is our responsibility to keep a few things in mind when camping in Tenerife. These recommendations will help to keep Tenerife’s nature as beautiful as it is.

Tenerife's diversity of nature is unique and with a campervan vacation you get especially close to it. In order to protect nature as campers, we want to give you some tips.

Recommendations for camping in Tenerife

No open fires: only in designated barbecue areas, of which there are many in the mountains, is barbecuing and making fires allowed. In the dry summer months the barbecues are often closed because the danger of forest fires is too high. Under no circumstances should you make fire in front of the Camper van and grilling with charcoal is not recommended.

Do not camp in the nature reserves: Camping in the national parks or nature reserves on Tenerife is prohibited to protect the fragile nature. Especially in the Teide National Park this is controlled. Therefore, rather look for a nice place to spend the night outside of these areas. During the day you can drive through the stunning parks!

Teide Nationalpark Camping Camper Van

Do not stray from the path: Tenerife has a unique flora and fauna with many epidemic plant species – meaning plants that really only exist in the Canary Islands. Nature is very vulnerable. To keep the island as beautiful as it is, it depends on us! Do not drive over dunes, plants and do not stray from the official path.

No garbage: It goes without saying, but did you know that even “kitchen waste” like banana or orange peels are harmful? Because our food is mostly treated with pesticides, which are then eaten by the little lizards or rot on the delicate soil. But the “rule” is so simple: leave everything as you found it.

Do not drive on dust roads or unpaved roads. Driving on dust roads affects the very fragile nature of Tenerife. It’s only fine to drive on these roads when entering a unpaved parking. In most of the cases you need a special permission to drive on dust roads. Take care also when parking, don’t park close to dunes, plants or out of parking areas.

And where to go if you have to go to the toilet? On the campsites in the mountains there are toilets everywhere and even if you are by the sea, the next toilet is usually not far away. Having a coffee in the morning in the cafe around the corner will bring you into contact with the locals. If you do not have a toilet, bury your remains or rinse with water. Or relieve yourself in the sea. Better than the bushes smelling of urine everywhere 😉

With these small suggestions, you contribute a lot that Tenerife remains as beautiful as the island is. And while camping in the camper van we can enjoy the incredible freedom and precious nature to the fullest.

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